Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Is famous wrestler missing?  Today across Doggiewood mysterious  posters popped up on walls, newsstands, signs and just about everywhere.  The poster asks "Where is Dogdrey the Giant?"  In case you have been hiding under a bone, Dogdrey the Giant is a Professional Wrestler with numerous World Wide Dog Wrestling Heavy Weight Championships.

 This pooper-scooper wants to know what happened to this Giant Husky.  Why is he missing?  Did he wonder off, or maybe he was dog-napped.  What in the chew-toy happened to poor Dogdrey?
  Here's hoping for answers~ Tootsie Pop

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Will Grieving Widow Soon Take the Wedding Plunge?

Today Doggiewood film star Beauty Bulldog, best known for her role  as Baby, in As Dogs Like It by William Dogspear had her good name buried in the dirt.  Beauty was seen at the Brown Doggie with a married Dog! The Dirt is flying for more than a few buried bones.

 The newly widowed Beauty has  been missing from Doggiewood for the last two months. Is the popular howler Freddie Hunter, who happens to be married to that beautiful blond,  Gracie Jack Russell, the cause?  It took more than howling to distract Beauty from her grief, for this  is  a relationship that has gone on for some time, much more than just one innocent bowl of chow.

 This doggie writer wonders if it will be splitsville foe the long marries couple and wedding vows for Beauty and Freddie.  Always Your Pooper Scooper~Tootsie Pop

Friday, June 30, 2017

Believe it or Not Pool Pup

Yesterday in Grand Central Station  six month child prodigy old Fifi Chow gave an exhibition of her  ability to play pool. To great applause Fifi edged out a professional pool hound at this exhibition.

 Fifi is from Brooklyn and taught herself to play in her family dog house. Her talent landed her a spot on on WNEW-TV's Dograma tonight.

 I don't know about you but I am chomping at the bone to see this tiny pup play pool .~Tootsie Pop

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Cat Did It All

The art world was shocked today when Salavadore Dogi announced that his cat was the creator of his paintings. The talented feline started by arranging twigs and leaves as a kitten and soon moved into making paw print pictures on the outside of his house with mud.  "Then I woke up one morning, and found him sitting in front of a fantistical painting of large group of animals with impossibly long legs". said Dogi.  "It wasn't long before I knew that he really had something.  But who would buy paintings by a cat?  That is just too surreal.  Of course, I then became the stand in for his fantastical paintings.” He admitted.
Dogi’s daring doggie lifestyle was apparently part of this sham. This skeptical columnist wonders if this is just another one of Doggie's outlandish attempts to gain more notoriety. I wasn't whelped Yesterday.~Tootsiepop

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Robby Socks

Well known doggie author Robby Socks turned eighty-five today.  Socks, is best known for his doggie poetry.  Who wouldn't bark for "A Fireplug Not Used", "The Smell of Trees" and" Peeing in the Woods on a Snowy Morning"?  I believe that a poem can be simply barked while not being simple .  Thank you for your barking Robby Socks and many happy birthdays.  ~Tootsie Pop

Monday, June 26, 2017

Doggie Enemy Number One At Large

Dog Bureau of Investigation Declared a Nation Wide Alert for Baby Face Rufus! 

 Baby Face Rufus, a doggie bank robber was declared public enemy number one today.  Dogis was given the nickname Baby Face due to his youthful appearance and small stature, although few dare call him "Baby Face" to his face. His doggie associates call him "Dimmy".
At the age of seven, Rufua was arrested after shooting a playmate in the jaw with a pistol he had found. He served over a year in the state reformatory.  Arrested again for theft and joyriding at the age of 13, he was sent to a penal school. Rufus then became gang-affiliated during his mid-teens and immediately became the leader of the gang.
Rufus is responsible for killing more DBI agents in the line of duty  than any other doggie.  As doggie enemy number one loose on the public, I for one hope that the DBI do there job and bring him in to pay for his crimes very soon.
~Tootsie Pop

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Type Casting Gone to the Dogs

I'd call it type casting, but it''s just too dog-gone strange.  Doggiewood's bad girl pup, Rascal Rohand was cast today to play both pups in We're No Angels.  Rohand was recently in trouble with the pound herself for joyriding in her Uncle Bill's truck.  This is not her first brush with the Pound either.  The little Rascal has been in and out of trouble from day one, according to her Uncle.

 Being cast as the angels in this dogbuster could make a cat laugh, and that's the straight poop ~ Tootsie Pop