Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Cat Did It All

The art world was shocked today when Salavadore Dogi announced that his cat was the creator of his paintings. The talented feline started by arranging twigs and leaves as a kitten and soon moved into making paw print pictures on the outside of his house with mud.  "Then I woke up one morning, and found him sitting in front of a fantistical painting of large group of animals with impossibly long legs". said Dogi.  "It wasn't long before I knew that he really had something.  But who would buy paintings by a cat?  That is just too surreal.  Of course, I then became the stand in for his fantastical paintings.” He admitted.
Dogi’s daring doggie lifestyle was apparently part of this sham. This skeptical columnist wonders if this is just another one of Doggie's outlandish attempts to gain more notoriety. I wasn't whelped Yesterday.~Tootsiepop

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