Saturday, June 24, 2017

One Doggar Bill May Soon Change

Everyone knows the Dog-father of our grrreat nation George Doggerton. We celebrate his fame in our nations capital, Doggerton D.C.  Most of all we see his likeness all the time on the One Doggar Bill.

Believe it or Not... a number of dogs in Doggress are trying to change the face of the One Doggar Bill.  What has old George done for us lately anyway." said the Doggressman from Arkandog.  I think it's time we put former great President, Bill Dogton from my grrreat state on the One Doggar Bill.

For Barking Out Loud! Our grrreat history as  a country has honored our Dog-father George Doggerton, and I for one believe that we should not chase our tails on this one.

No Fleas on This Doggie...Tootsie Pop

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